Amy Hosp


Frisco, TX


I love adventure and capturing the uniqueness of each adventure, whether at home or out on the road! I love to take the unknown road and see where it takes me and then see if I can get back home without a map. It is on trips like these where I have learned to see the unusual, the old, the new, the beauty and the familiarnes of my beloved state, Texas. Most of my photos are taken from my car, yes, you heard me right, they are taken from my car either out of a window or from the moon roof. Most of the time I have my buddy Liberty the Dog with me. My friends and I take what we call "Road Kill" trips. The rules are that we choose a direction to leave town in and then whenever we see a road kill, we see which way the head is pointing and that is the direction that we turn on the next road we see, and then we enjoy the challenge of finding our way back home again. This may sound a bit gross but we have gotten tons of great photos this way. I have also lived in Nigeria, and in several places around the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and I have some interesting photos of some of my favorite places and some things that I consider, "That's Just Not Right". I love my Liberty the Dog and I have so much fun taking pictures of her and she usually sits still for pictures so that gives me lots of opportunity to snap away. I enjoy journaling, and although I am not a great artist, some pieces have turned out not looking like too much of an 3rd grade artist. A secret is that most of the art that I have journaled was done with my lift hand...the secret is that I am not a lefty. I hope that you enjoy my quirky photos and art and I hope they inspire you to go out and see what all is picture worthy in your life.


Mans Heart by Amy Hosp


Mexican Food Stop by Amy Hosp


Yom Kippur Prayers by Amy Hosp


Rosh Hashanah by Amy Hosp


Rosh Hashanah Apples Honey and Challah Bread by Amy Hosp


Berries in the Woods by Amy Hosp


Mexi Cassi by Amy Hosp


The Middle by Amy Hosp


Pickles in a Cup by Amy Hosp


Grapes Everywhere by Amy Hosp


Creative on a Cracker by Amy Hosp


Chili and Potatoes by Amy Hosp


The Pantry by Amy Hosp


Big Rooster by Amy Hosp


Almost Gone Grilled Cheese by Amy Hosp


Grilled Cheese by Amy Hosp


Shadow by Amy Hosp


Water Tank With The Coons by Amy Hosp


The Bird by Amy Hosp - Christy Campbell


Hazel by Amy Hosp


Blues by Amy Hosp


Santa Pete by Amy Hosp


Frisco's Santa Pete by Amy Hosp


Santa's Helpers Helper by Amy Hosp


Me by Amy Hosp



Frisco Coons Water Tower by Amy Hosp


Frisco Water Tower by Amy Hosp


Coons Water Tower by Amy Hosp


Fighting Coons water tower by Amy Hosp


Frisco Coons Water Tower by Amy Hosp


Frisco Coons by Amy Hosp


Tumbling Diahann by Amy Hosp


Is That Mr. T by Amy Hosp


Pickle Eating by Amy Hosp


Nahna Nahna Nahna by Amy Hosp


Flashy by Amy Hosp


Eating a Cookie by Amy Hosp


Eating Lunch by Amy Hosp


Neon Sponge Bob by Amy Hosp


Neon Bessie the Cow by Amy Hosp


Signs by the Pond by Amy Hosp


Blurred Forest by Amy Hosp


Black Bird in Blue Field by Amy Hosp


Iron Gate by Amy Hosp


President Dewight Eisenhower Statue Dension Texas by Amy Hosp


President Dewight Eisenhower Birthplace by Amy Hosp


President Dewight Eisenhower At His Birthplace by Amy Hosp


Outside the Convenience Store by Amy Hosp